Everwell+Plus FAQ

What is Everwell Plus?

Everwell Plus gives you your own your private TV network the way you want it. We provide everything you need to entertain and inform your viewers (customers, patients, employees, etc.) about health topics and promote your products, services or other important messages.

Do I have to meet special criteria to receive Everwell Plus?

No. Any health care facility, government agency or other organization may subscribe to Everwell Plus.

How is Everwell Plus different from other similar services?

There’s nothing quite like Everwell Plus. A few companies sell hardware for creating private networks but don’t offer content; others include simple PowerPoint-style content but no compelling video. We offer a complete package: the equipment you need, compelling content, and an easy way for you to create your own messages.

How much control will I have over what plays on my screen?

You have as much control as you want. You can even decide just to use your messages and no Everwell videos.

Who creates Everwell’s health and wellness video content?

Everwell’s health and wellness video segments are developed by highly experienced journalists and television production professionals who have spent decades at such leading media organizations as CNN, NBC News, WebMD and The Washington Post Company researching and creating health information for consumers.  Everwell’s content is based on sound research and free of commercial or other influence.

Is advertising permitted on Everwell Plus?

Everwell is commercial free, but you can promote whatever you’d like on your system.

What do I need in order to have Everwell Plus?

All you need is an LCD/LED TV, an Internet connection and an Everwell Plus media player, a small computer about the size of a paperback.

How much does Everwell Plus cost?

The monthly subscription cost is similar to business cable TV plans, and the media player computer costs a couple hundred dollars. We offer volume discounts, so the exact price depends on the number of units. Contact us for a quote.